7 Autumn Inspired Colour Palettes

…and the codes to use them yourself!

As we get ready to head into the season of change, it’s only appropriate to celebrate that with some autumnal colour! Colour is so important and inspirational – it’s a key player in getting our attention or enticing us to buy something, but it’s also massively charged with meaning, value and emotion.

I love autumn for its colours, its associations with a fresh new start and a feeling of change that comes with it. Autumn is also a reminder that we all cycle through our own seasons too – and we can always start again when we need to hit the reset button!

Check out these 7 autumn inspired colour palettes I’ve collated, everything from contrasting to complementary shades, perfect for inspiring an autumnal rebrand or seasonal project. They also include the codes so you can steal them for your own use!

*Read to the end for 5 bonus colour palettes*


Autumn by the Lake


Auburn Leaves


Valley River


Blushing Autumn


Fallen Landscape


Autumnal Camouflage


Autumn Sunrise

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Here’s 5 bonus autumn feel colour palettes sourced from Pinterest (click for links). These autumnal colour palettes add a little something extra to the usual autumn shades we see and use. Don’t be afraid to add a little dynamic colour to your own colour palettes!

Autumn Journey


Autumn Sunset


Autumn Leaves


Autumnal Wood


Autumn Florals

Finally, if you want some guidance on creating your own colour palettes, you can get in touch online or at the email above!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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