Whether you’re a regular to self-publishing, already published or brand new to the industry, you need to be ready to share your writing with the world. My design services for authors includes book cover design, branding for your online author presence or book series and a website that can help you grow your online audience or community.

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Your book is written, edited and almost ready for publishing… so, what’s next?

Any book only has a few seconds to catch its’ reader’s attention, so therefore a strong and striking book cover is key to an authors’ success. And whatever we might believe (more often than not at least), we all ‘judge a book by its’ cover’ at some point in our lives. Cover design needs to look good and create sales.

A professional cover design will clearly reflect the genre and target market of your book. Additionally, it can convey the brand of your series or your author style to your audience – helping you to promote your book or series with your author brand in mind.

An effective book cover design should be:

  • Compelling – Does it intrigue you? Does it invite you to read the blurb and ask questions?
  • Clear – Does it communicate your books title, genre and feel clearly to your target audience?
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Does it look good and attract readers?

These packages are ideal for both fiction and non-fiction writers, whatever your budget, I can support you with your next cover design.


E-Book Cover
£ 195
  • E-book file - front cover JPG
  • Pre-design questionnaire
  • Image sourcing - Inclusive royalty free imagery
  • Choose from 2 concepts
  • Up to 2 revisions if required
  • Free 3D mock-up of your cover for promotion


Print & E-Book Cover
£ 349
  • E-book (front cover jpg) and Print-ready (pdf) files
  • Pre-design questionnaire
  • Concept development and research
  • Choose from 3 concepts
  • Image sourcing - Inclusive royalty free imagery
  • Up to 3 revisions if required
  • Free 3D mock-up of your cover for promotion


Print & E-Book Plus
£ 529
  • E-book (front cover jpg) and Print-ready (pdf) files
  • Pre-design questionnaire and optional consult call if required
  • Concept development and research
  • Choose from 4 concepts
  • Image sourcing - Inclusive royalty free imagery
  • Up to 5 revisions if required
  • Free 3D mock-up of your cover for promotion
  • 2 free marketing graphics to promote online

Marketing & Social Media add-ons

I design book covers with marketing and social media in mind. Consider using branded graphics with your book cover artwork, to support the digital marketing of your new book or series.

Choose any from the following (minimum of 4):

  • Website: Banner | Graphic
  • Twitter: Banner | Post
  • Instagram: Story | Post
  • Facebook: Header | Post
  • LinkedIn: Banner | Post
  • Pinterest: Graphic
  • Additional 3D mock-up of your cover tailored for your website/ social media platform of your choice.

Audiobook Covers

Add an audiobook cover to your package for only £50.

Optional add-ons:

  • Business cards
  • Bookmarks

Inner book and Journal design

For bespoke inner book imagery, such as maps, decor, planner and journal design layouts, please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Create an engaging online experience for your readers and community, with a website that:

Bespoke design

Easy to use

Safe and secure

Support & Training

Responsive design

Community Friendly

Defining a brand for your pen name or book series ensures that your messaging is clear and reaches your audience in a way that truly reflects your genre, writing style and books.

There are two sides to creating a brand – the Brand Strategy and Brand Identity.

Creating a Brand Strategy makes sure that your mission, vision, values and persona are reflected in your visual brand elements. It also supports you in building the foundations of your business within the publishing industry.

The Brand Identity is the second part to the process and is all about the visuals – it is what carries and conveys the messaging in your Brand Strategy to your audience, such as through a logo, colours, fonts, use of language, photography and so on… Your Brand Strategy and Brand Identity support one another.

Author Branding is a bespoke process, unique to you and your world of writing, the solution is different for every writer and their needs.

So what’s really important is that your book, website and brand truly reflect both you the author and your books successfully to your audience.