File Types Explained

All you need to know

There are SO many different types of files! Files for as many different uses as you could think of – and then some more!

Files can be delivered in many different ways and many different formats – depending on their intended use. So it’s really no wonder why it can all get a bit confusing or overwhelming when you receive tens and tens of file versions from your designer – plus they often all appear in colour as well as black and white… and maybe greyscale, just to add more to the mix!

In a nutshell, (and to keep it simple) all you need to know about colour labels is that CMYK are files for print (or another designer) and RBG is for web and digital. You’ll usually only need RGB except when sending to most printers who prefer CMYK files. But that’s all we’re going to talk about on colour for now.

To make things really simple I’ve broken down all the different file types you’ll ever need to know into this handy infographic.

(click the image for a handy PDF link to download!)

file types

And that’s it – that’s all you need to know!

If you have any problems, or queries with using different file types, get in touch with me directly and I’ll be happy to help you out – just contact me at here.

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