Late summer colour palettes that can take you into Autumn and still give you that summer feel

It may be nearing the end of summer as we know it, but all is not lost!

This summer, I am lucky enough to be attending two gorgeous weddings and not only are weddings fun (yay!), but they also offer lots of inspiration when it comes to colour, texture and mood!

These colour palettes are real ‘late summer’ palettes, that will help you transform your summer into autumn, without feeling like you’re choosing one over the other. Whether it’s a grey, moody wet day in August or a bright blue skied day in September, you’re covered for being on point with your colour choices.

staying pastel perfect into September, colour palette
1. Staying pastel perfect into September
Royal flair, colour palette
2. Royal flair
Bold and bright, colour palette
3. Bold and bright
Summer sunflowers all year round, colour palette
4. Summer sunflowers all year round
Make a tonal statement, colour palette
5. Make a tonal statement
Keeping things simple, colour palette
6. Keeping things simple
Perfect summer shades, colour palette
7. Perfect summer shades
8. Step up with teal
8. Step up with teal

If summer just isn’t for you right now – rewind to the spring here, or fast forward to autumn instead!

Finally, if you want some guidance on creating your own colour palettes or building your own brand, you can get in touch with me here.

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