File Types Explained

File Types Explained All you need to know There are SO many different types of files! Files for as many different uses as you could think of – and then some more! Files can be delivered in many different ways and many different formats – depending on their intended use. So it’s really no wonder […]

What makes a good designer-client relationship?

What makes a good designer-client relationship? This is a short guide for both designers and clients, enabling them to create a positive work relationship and environment to make the best creative outcomes from the process. That’s right – it’s not often talked about, but there is often the question of – how does the designer-client […]

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog! This blog is a lot about design, a bit about me and a lot about answering the questions you have on what, how and why? Hopefully offering some thought-provoking insights into the world of branding and design and an opportunity to have open, honest discussions on the sensitive subjects as well […]