Festive Christmas colour palettes ready for the season!

As usual, December has completely crept up on me! It’s that time of the year again, and I really don’t know how it happened so quickly.

Festive Christmas
colour palettes

Many of us have already started preparing for the season, whether it was Christmas cake planning a month or so ago, sourcing the perfect stocking fillers or planning a succulent Christmas dinner, we all start in different ways. And some of us simply just dive head-first into the tinsel and wrap ourselves up in fairy lights!

Christmas is full of joy, love and festive cheer… so one of my favourite parts of christmas is making it the most colourful, bright and pretty holiday to celebrate. From lights, to tree decorations, tinsel, table decor… there are so many ways to send some colour and sparkle into our homes during the christmas period.

To get those Christmas feels going, here are 14 Christmas photography inspired – and some alternative – colour palettes. From traditional to bright and cheery to classy and chic, when it comes to Christmas, there is no wrong answer – enjoy these colour vibes!

If you’re looking for some more colour palettes, have you checked out my Autumn colours? Grab the palettes and the codes to use them for free here.

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